Why do we do this?  "There is some magic between the thrill of riding and discovery.  Its about the ride, discovering yourself, and your passions You know the feeling, when you say:  This is so cool!" 
How do we do this? We ride motorcycles to discover ourselves, new places and people. We push ourselves to discover our own abilities, our passions and limits. We ride big bikes, little bikes, and everything in between. We ride off road, on road and anywhere we can. Simply, we ride for fun 
What do we do? We create new motorcycle adventures. From scenic relaxed adventures to "Tough Guy" dirt bike rides. We use every resource we can find in the world from GPS tracks, to ride stories, to satellite images, old maps, new maps and everything on the internet. But Passion most of all. All rides start from dreams.
gpsKevin rides explained
gpsKevin rides are not guided tour rides.  Rather they are more like a group of buddies riding together and discovering the adventure for themselves.  Riders are given navigation (GPS) tools, connected in small riding groups and advised about the adventure.  Riders ride independently and together with your friends or new friends.  The ride navigation includes meetup points called Donuts.  Riders may ride independently and then meetup and check in with your group at the next Donut.   Rides also include "Ride Yodas."  These are expert fellow riders that help advise riders having any difficulty and may even be part of your small riding group.  These rides are unique in that riders are allowed to experience the adventure in the manner they would like.  The rides are all laid out with many suggested options.  Riders may choose more difficult  routes or more scenic routes; they may even choose shortcuts if the day or bike offers up trouble. Some rides include the lodging and even a support truck to carry gear and aid during difficult times.  
How does riding work during a gpsKevin ride?

GPS Navigation tools
Riders are given a custom GPS chip for the ride.  These chips work with Garmin and BMW GPS units.. Once installed, your GPS will display the custom route as a bold distinctive line consisting of grouped arrows nicknamed chevrons. This makes navigation easy and clear to see.  The custom GPS chip also includes Bold Orange and Black double circles called meetup Donuts.   The ride also includes daily printed paper maps.  These maps match the electronic version in your gps.  The paper maps make it easy to see and understand the overall ride flow for the day.  They are very useful in discussing the Meetup Donut point and ride options during the day.  They also include information like gas options and ride choices and ride bailout options. 

"Ride Yodas" in the gpsKevin sense are expert riding friends that help facilitate the rides.  This means that they help riders understand the ride itself and ensure that the riders are prepared for the adventure in which they are about to partake. This includes: ensuring that they have their GPS unit working properly and understand how to use it; that they have united with a small team of buddies for the day's ride; advise them on the routes that they are about to take; observe their equipment and bikes to ensure a successful ride; make sure they are prepared for the possibility of adversity during the day and possibly the night; that they have clothing like rain clothes for the possibility of adversity; that they have extra food and water in any event.
Basically, a good Ride Yoda should be a very experienced rider that can observe other riders and perceive any possibilities for difficulty and then help the rider to overcome those difficulties.

Adventure Attitude
"The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude"
These adventures are about riding and discovery. There is not much of the "Too much talking and not enough riding" on these adventures.  As such these adventures are packed with both wonderful and tough experiences.  At times you will likely have to rely on your team friends to help overcome adversity.  Can you find some enjoyment in adversity and muster up some enthusiasm during the adversity yourself?

Are you right for these rides?
When something goes wrong on a ride, would your riding friends say that you are more likely to need help or more likely to give help?  If you are in the more likely to offer help camp you are right for these rides.  These rides are filled with riders that are more likely to give help, so most of the time the riders never need help. What magic is that? 

Perspective from Yoda Keith M:
What is fundamentally different about a gpsK adventure? It is not just one thing but an integrated set of tested methods, techniques, and routes in collaboration with like minded riders and a ride 'yoda'.  Read the FAQs below for more detail, but first ask yourself what limits you from going on the grand adventure rides you dream about?  Planning?  Cost? Don't like group riding?  Don't have an expensive Adventure motorcycle?
1) Identifying and researching the route/location/planning/hotels/gas/food/service stops?  gpsK has that taken care of. 
2) High cost of an adventure ride?  Many companies provide outstanding adventure rides for a premium price.  gpsK rides cost a fraction of commercial adventure rides.
3) Don't care to ride in a herd of twenty other rides eating dust and waiting for the slowest member to get going?  gpsK rides are organized around a new simple group ride concept.
4) Don't have the right adventure motorcycle?  You don't need a twenty thousand dollar adventure bike.  A $5000 bike will serve you well. 



Why do we ride? 

We ride for a variety of reasons.  Some are obvious, readily identified and verbalized.  Some reasons are more difficult to identify or explain.  Perhaps you need to experience ‘it’ to understand it.  Clearly riding has a strong pull for many folks across ages, cultures and geographic boundaries.  Some say riding allows us to be open to new experiences, ideas and ways of seeing our world.  Many find themselves experiencing adventure and meeting new folks simply because they are riding a bike and not driving a truck or car.  Why do you ride?

What limits our riding opportunities?

Many different answers can be imagined.  For some it is not having a motorcycle.  For others it is not having a riding buddy, a place to go or the opportunity to join like-minded riders on a planned ride that fits the schedule and doesn’t cost a fortune.

What is the hardest part about an adventure ride?

Some very experienced riders say the hardest part about doing an adventure ride is getting out the front door of the house.  That may be true for a variety of reasons.  Time, money, wheels, planning, maps, a defined route, like minded friends to ride with, safety concerns, limited awareness of great rides, destinations, places to eat, overnight stops, gas stops, places of interest along the way, lack of knowledge about weather, roads, time of year, some way of support should difficulties be encountered and more……

Would you ride more often if adventure riding was made easier and more accessible?  If the planning, routes, lodging, gas, safety and support elements were already in place?  If you could you focus on enjoying the ride and riding with a few like minded riders willing to share the experience, challenges, difficulties and joys of the adventure ride?

What makes a ride memorable?

Many say beautiful scenery, exotic places and magnificent routes make a ride memorable.   Some say overcoming adversity helps make for a memorable ride.  Some would say the adventure begins when the unexpected happens.  A bridge washed out or a river too deep to cross or simply a flat tire.  We expect some adversity and unexpected things happen in many adventure rides but we do our best to reduce and eliminate them ahead of time in a variety of ways.  We implement tools, resources, planning and safety nets wherever possible.  We still have challenges and unanticipated difficulties.  Meeting these and overcoming them with our riding buddies is expected and a given.  We depend on our riding buddies and they depend on us.

What are the resources, tools and safety nets gpsKevin provides/has for an adventure ride?

gpsKevin has researched, tested, developed and implemented a number of elements that help make each ride a worthwhile memorable and truly enjoyable adventure.  Most rides include all or most of these ten elements.

1)      A well planned and researched set of routes that take you on some of the most beautiful roads, byways, with scenery and points of interest within a designated geographical region.

2)      Many days have choices of options for riding, green (easy), blue (intermediate) and red (difficulty) routes, (much like a ski map and choosing a route from the top to the bottom).  You create/join a group of 2-4 for each day's ride.

3)      An ever present ride Yoda who provides knowledge, discussion and experience for each day’s adventure.

4)      A unique gps file created by gpsK that readily identifies turns, directions, donuts and resources (gas/food/stops).

5)      A set of designated locations that function as safety check in spots aka donuts or rider meet up points along the day’s adventure ride.

6)      A select group of experienced, like minded riders prepared, open and motivated to share the adventure.

7)      Riding in groups of 2-4 riders at your pace with appropriate stops and expectations.

8)      Every evening you have a shared reserved hotel/motel room that has been planned and researched with appropriate food/drink near by and almost always in an interesting setting or town.

9)      Pre and post ride photos, maps, files, and videos available to all participants.

10)   Support vehicle for many rides for backup and safety.