News: May 31st 2016 Got my new Africa Twin today!
I am way excited, feel like I am a kid again. This bike is so cool!

Q: What did I have to pay to get one of the first bikes? 
A: OTD $15,561.78. Click on the receipt below to see.
I post what I paid for the bike so that others may use this information to get a better deal themselves.  Remember, I paid high as this was one of the first bikes to the USA and I wanted to get a first one in red.  It was hard to find.  

June 3rd: First Ride Video

First Ride Video

This is the best bike I have ever ridden.  Way to go Honda!

Wheelie practice on the Africa Twin.  It is not the best wheelie bike, but it can still do it.  Took me a bit of trying.

Wheelie Practice Video

I decided to make a TailBag