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Each year I create many rides that I want to do. From relaxed scenic to some very tough rides. From small dirt bikes to Big Adventure bikes and Jeeps and Side by Sides.  And I ride all over North America.  And I invite others to join me. 
Check out the rides below, and consider joining us on an Adventure

Covid 19
10/26 Update - As I look around, I see the data shows record new infections and the promise that it will get worse before it gets better (3rd phase).  I see our national government is rendered incapable of a unified response and often in denial of the pandemic.  This is the reason the USA has the worst performance of any country in the world.  Next I see states scrambling to tackle the problem with their own ideas.  Some have done well, but most are still in denial of the reality and are now facing the consequences.  Even some states are so disjointed that it is very different across each county. Sad, but the date shows that more people in the USA have died from this virus than all of the USA casualties in World War 2.

OK, this means to me that this is like a YOYO ride, meaning that You're On Your Own (YOYO).  It is up to each of us to keep ourselves and each other safe.  The good news is that there are some easy and very effective tools for us to do this.  By now you have heard it a lot:  wear a face mask, stay 6 feet apart and wash your hands. Yes, yes this is really true and important.

With this strategy in place, I plan to start offering rides again this season.  In some respects my “ride independently and apart and check in with each other (donuts)”,  is the perfect riding style for this situation.  Riders can easily maintain a safe personal space. 

The highest risk times will be eating, sleeping and socializing. For this reason, I will not be doing roommate rotations,  Riders will have to sign up with a trusted friend and will be roommates for the duration of the ride.  Ride spots will only be sold in groups of two.  If you want to come alone you must purchase  two rider spots.  During eating, you must follow all the local regulations and help the locals be successful at keeping everyone safe.  Lastly, for socializing, I would ask that you wear a mask and that you also maintain the 6 foot distance.  Remember, it’s human nature to have a beer or two and let your distance decrease (you know, get in each other’s face).  

We have been wishing for years that our government would keep their hands out of everything. Well, we got our wish, sort of, and now it is up to us.  IT IS JUST US.  Yes, we are the people our parents warned us about.  Join me with these simple rules and let's keep each other safe and let's start riding again!


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Upcoming Rides

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Ride Calendar

March 20th - 23rd 2021  Universal Ride RatingsUniversal Ride RatingsMoab FreeRide 21
 Best Dual Sport ride with adventure bike options to explore Moab

April 9th-18th 2021Universal Ride RatingsBaja Lucky Explorer Rally  Adventure Bike Ride in Baja California Mexico From San Diego to Cabo and back

May 16th-22nd 2021  Universal Ride RatingsUniversal Ride RatingsKentucky Adventure Trail (KAT)
 Adventure Bike or Dual Sport ride to explore and Discover Kentucky's Backcountry Routes

June 12th-27th 2021  Monkey on a Cannonball
San Diego to New York on 125cc bikes to recreate the famous Cannonball adventure.
Yes this may be the dumbest ride ever!

June 19th-26th, 2021  https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/universal-ride-ratingsUniversal Ride RatingsCalifornia's Northwest Passage
 Adventure Bike ride to explore Northern California Secret Places
Sorry ride full, but there is an additional riders list

August 14th-29th 2021 
 https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/universal-ride-ratings Continental Divide Adventure Route USA
Adventure Bike From Mexico to Canada

September 11th-18th 2021  https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/universal-ride-ratingsUniversal Ride RatingsSierra Six Forest Tour
7 Day scenic adventure bike ride around the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California

September 11th-October 2nd 2021 Universal Ride Ratings  Trans America Trail (TAT)
Trans America Trail Dual Sport ride across the USA

 The WIBAT forms a 1,100 mile adventure loop around the mountains and forests of Wisconsin. 6 Days

October 1st-11th 2021 Universal Ride RatingsUniversal Ride Ratings https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/universal-ride-ratings
1 week scenic ride for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles that wind through remote parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Rides that you might have missed

Note:  I am sorry if you have missed a ride and that it seem like a lot of my rides are full, I think that comes from there are a lot of good people that seem to be enjoying them, and I am enjoying making these rides and the friendships.  If you would like to be added to my early ride notification list and get an email when I have finished creating a ride you can fill out the request below. And I hope to meet you on a ride soon.

Thanks and welcome to great riding!