Bolivia Motorcycle Adventure
August or September 2018

This is my ride planning workspace or now, I will send out a notice when ride plans are finalized.

About the ride
I am working with Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures to create a custom ride suited to gpsKevin riders
They seem to be a great company and will provide us with 650cc motorcycles, lodging and support vehicles and support riders.
The ride will be limited to 8 riders
This ride plan will be a 2 week adventure in Bolivia.  It will cost about $2800 and it will include your motorcycle and hotels and support truck and guides.

I will be working for a balanced ride about 50% dirt
Let call this the hard option
Riders will be responsible for their own flights to Bolivia. Just as an FYI roundtrip from LA to Bolivia will be about $650
Just a gpsKevin note: "Everytime we say no to a ride that is one less ride in life."

Ride Signup:
If you are interested in joining us on this ride, then you should put your name on the list below and I will send you an invitation when I have the ride plan and arrangements ready
Partial Plans Below

Ride Overview Map of Motorcycle Diaries (9 day plan)

Bolivia Motorcycle Diaries

Ride Overview Map of Highlander Mod gpsKevin

Bolivia Highlander Mod gpsKevin