Cannonball Across America
Yes this is the long waited for new style of Scooters Across America
June 6th-21st 2020
Mini Moto Across America? That is the dumbest Idea I ever heard....I AM IN!

YouTube Video

Rules: Everyone on a similar performance bike.  No hopped up bikes
Three new bikes will be allowed: Honda MonkeyHonda GromSuper Cub or equivalent.  
If you would like to choose another bike you must convince me that it is equivalent performance.
You may modify your bike is every other way.

This is not a Race Across America. Motorcycle Cannonball

Riders will have a Luggage Van that will follow the team each day.  The ride will include Motels everyday.
If you come on a new Honda you will not need to repair it along the way.  They just work fine.

The ride plans are not complete yet, I have chosen Dates, Routes, Hotels and options, but I do not have all my reservations and plans in place,so I am not taking Signup yet.

If you want to receive a ride invite when the plans are ready and I have started ride signup please add your name and info to my list:

Scooter Cannonball 2020