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Moab FreeRide 21

Moab FreeRide
March 20th - 23rd, 2021
4 Day Motorcycle Ride based in Moab Utah

This adventure will be setup to include both Dual Sport bikes and Adventure motorcycles.
Riders will be given a choice of rides designed for Dual Sport or Adventure motorcycles.
These will include many of the greatest of all time rides.

Riding starts Saturday, March 20th morning and ends Tuesday, March 23rd.  Riders wanting to stay longer will have plenty of ride options and are welcome to extend their trip.
This ride is set up so that you may either stay in motels or you may bring your RV or tent.  Riders will make their own reservations and will be given a list of choices after ride signup.
Each evening we will have a social hour in a campground within walking distance where riders can group up and decide the next day's rides.
We will be practicing all the safe, Covid restrictions.
All riding is on your own.

Signup info:
The cost to join this 4 day ride is $115.  This covers your ride packets which include a custom Garmin GPS Map on a micro SD card and printed ride maps.

Now taking signups: You can now reserve your spot on this ride by leaving a $115 payment  (Ride limit)

$115 Payment

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After your signup riders will receive an email from me with further ride information and instructions.

Note: Riders will receive ride packets in the mail one week before the ride.

Refund Policy
Do not sign up for this ride unless you are serious about coming.  I take your signup very seriously and start planning for you the minute you sign up.  If you need to cancel up to one month prior to the ride start date I will give you a full refund but I will keep $100 to cover the planning work. Sorry but I make non refundable commitments myself so it gets hard for me. "I hate this world of non refundable deals myself." If you need to cancel within one month of the ride I cannot give a refund unless I can find a replacement rider. In the case of finding a replacement rider, I will gladly give you the full refund minus the $100 to cover the planning work In the event of ride cancellation, you will be given a full refund.

Moab Dual Sport

Moab Adventure Bike

History: gpsKevin Moab story
My first ride in Moab was 1981 
The town of Moab was a little different them.  Walker Drug was the only grocery store.
For the next 10 years, every year I took a week's vacation and rode Moab--everywhere.
Back then we called Lockhart Basin the Death Ride.
There were no bicycles on Slickrock; not until 1990.

Then it the early '90s I decided to explore everywhere in Utah.  By early 2000, I was raising kids on motorcycles and we all started back in at Moab.
Missy's first trip on Lockhart Basin             Jeffrey at Hamburger Rock
Kids first cross Golden Crack                       Missy and Jeffrey can ride anything

Then in 2010 I started taking folks to Moab.  Many groups and many fun times.
Now I will try this gpsKevin open style ride.  This stuff is awesome.
Join us!