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Covid 19:  A time to plan your next adventure?
Looking forward, it is hard to predict how this Covid-19 will unfold.  However there is no reason not to use this time to dream and plan our next adventure.  It may be the case that it will be a long time before groups can get together and ride.  So this is the time for you to plan your next trip for you and a few buddies.  I can help!  Below I have assembled many spectacular adventures that are put together in such a way as to make it easy for you to just get out and experience them.  Try one of these self guided packages and you will be back for more.

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Lets get together and go on an 

Many of my past adventures I have made available for riders to do on their own.  Riders can view and study all the details of the ride, make their own ride arrangements and purchase ride maps and GPS directly from this website.
These ride packages are awesome in that you may experience some of these great rides with you buddies for very little planning work yourself and these are already proven great adventures.

Below you will find a collection of many of the fantastic adventures that I have created and/or ridden over the last many years.
These ride are given here so that you all may enjoy great adventure yourself and you may add and contribute to great adventure for everyone
The trick is to find an adventure below that fits your desires and ability then to just go do it yourself.
It is not as tough as the world would have you think.  Even a beginning planner can have a wonderful time here. 
About these rides
Each ride has an embedded full descriptiongoogle ride map, and an easy do it yourself ride packet for purchase.
Below is a collection of many of my adventures for anyone to enjoy: gpsKevin

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Self Guided Rides
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 Florida to the end of Canada

Old route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California

Grand Canyon Red Rock Vegas
Explore the Best of the Southwestern USA

Explore the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountains of Northern California

Mexico, USA and Canada

Adventure Bike Ride, Inland Passage Curse to explore BC and Vancouver Island

Trip 3 day ride around Southern California Deserts

The complete Alaska Motorcycle experience

Nevada Lucky Explorer Rally  Tougher adventure in the Nevada mountains and deserts

(AZBAT) Tougher ride through the Mountains and deserts of Arizona

(COBAT) Tougher ride through the Rocky Mountains

(IDBAT) Tougher ride through the mountains and deserts of Idaho

The Great American Route

Trans America Backcountry Route
Backroads, all paved across rural america.
New York to San Francisco

Great Couples Ride

1,080 mile route through  Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

(CABAT)  Explore the Desert and Mountains

Explore the coastal zone of Northern California

Scenic Adventure Bike ride around the Red Rock Canyons in Utah 

 Adventure bike ride around southern California discover the best back places left in CA

 7 day Adventure Bike Tour around the Pacific Northwest

1 Week Relaxed scenic style Baja Adventure

4 Day Adventure Starting at the USA 

Bucket List Ride

San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back

4 Day Discovery ride to explore Sequoia National Park and Yosemite

Utah Backways Adventure Trail
871-mile Trans Utah Adventure

Explore the best parts of Yellowstone and Wyoming

(KYBAT)  1000 mile loop around the hills and mountains of southeastern Kentucky

Two week adventure from Canada to Mexico through the western USA mountains

Explore the best of the Canadian Rockies

3-4 Day Great scenic ride down the coast of Baja and into the mountains

(NEBAT) 1,350 mile route that will take riders Adventure style through 7 states

2 week Dual Sport and Adventure Bike ride from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas