News Updates Below:

1/20/2017 Ride Yodas:

I have come to understand that I love to create new adventure rides. I put a lot of work and passion into these rides and then once I ride and discover them, I usually do not repeat them. However there are often many people that have missed the ride and would still like to ride it. Additionally, I have discovered that I have several good friends that would be happy to be a ride host for these rides. So starting now I will be repeating some of my past great rides by getting my friends to help. I am committed to great rides and I believe with the help of Ride Yodas these rides can become even better. This will allow me to focus more on creating new adventures. If you are interested in helping and becoming a Ride Yoda please visit here: Ride Yodas

11/14/16: Downhill Slide: Had a couple good days and then began to deteriorate including more pain and much difficulty breathing. Headed back to the hospital to discover that I now had a hemothorax or bleeding in the lung/pleural cavity. Another emergency trauma procedure to insert a second chest tube and drain 2 liters of blood then be admitted to the hospital for observation. OK, no riding for at least a little while.

11/10/2016: Broke out of the hospital, home now and almost ready to ride. Better go fix the bike

11/7/2016: Went to the Hospital: Very bad pain. Could not sleep or even get up without help, so we went to the hospital. After a CAT scan they determined I had two broken ribs and a torn spleen and a hole in my lung. They invited me to stay with them and to have a little surgery to fix the problem. That was so nice.

11/19/16: Surgery Again: While drainage continued, the x-rays were not clearing up. They tried a medication to break up the clots in the area surrounding the lungs but it was not successful. Did an arthroscopic surgical procedure to insert a camera and suction and clean out all the clots and other gunk surrounding the lung. Surgery went well but recovery will tell after more days of observation in the hospital. Hopefully we are on the uphill from here.

12/4/16: Back to the Hospital (3rd time): Sadly it seems that the surgery site has become infected. So we went back to the Hospital. They confirmed that it is infected and they cut open the area and drained the Fluid. Taped me back up and gave me antibiotics and sent me home and said I will be just fine in 7 days. OK, sadly the story is continued.

11/23/16: Home Again, Finally: Lungs continued to clear up nicely and the epidural was a great way to manage the pain. After three days, they decided to remove the chest tube and epidural and see if I remained stable prior to releasing me. They monitored me overnight and determined I was good to go so was released today, just in time for Thanksgiving. Note: It's surprising to me how weak I feel but after having lost three liters of blood and being inactive for two weeks along with the overall trauma and broken ribs, I guess that's my position. The good news is, it looks like I'm firmly on a path to be back to normal.

I spent the next 4 days visiting here.

11/6/2016: First Fall on the Africa Twin: Went out for a ride to Pismo the back way today and fell on the pavement. I was on a tar gravel road (the kind where they put tar down and then spread gravel on top of it). The traction was great. However, when I turned at an intersection, there was a spot of gravel without tar under it so the front wheel slid out and I went down. The bike tore into the pavement and stopped quickly instead of sliding, throwing me into the bike and over it. Totally knocked the wind out of me and poked a hole in the motor side cover. Jeffrey was with me and he picked up the bike and patched the hole and we attempted to ride home. Made it an hour to near Bakersfield and my vision started to narrow. I realized I would not be able to make it. Called Jane and asked her to come in the van and rescue me. Rented a motel and laid down for the 4 hours it took for Jane to arrive.

10/13/2016" BLM Charges of "Failure to obtain a Permit" have been Overturned.

After a 5 hour long trial in the Federal Court in Las Vegas the judge has ruled to dismiss the charges against gpsKevin. Just prior to the trial the BLM officials had repeatedly offered me a plea bargain deal in which the changes would be dropped, and in return I would agree to pay a fee of $144 and they would issue me a retroactive Recreation Permit. In addition I would agree to not hold any events on BLM Land for the next 30 days. While this deal may have seemed attractive, I wanted to stick with my principles and prove that I was not guilty. I turned down the deal and with the help of a great attorney, thanks Tanner, we were able to prevail.

During the trial I learned that there were two riders riding my routes and they came across people ribboning for the upcoming Nevada 200 trail ride. These riders told the people ribboning that there were riding gpsKevin's ride. These people ribboning immediately informed Casey Folks and Casey called the BLM to complain that I was stealing his trails. According to the BLM official, she said she spent 3 hours on the phone with Casey. Sadly, these are in fact open trails to everyone which was verified at the trial, and no one owns these trails so they are open to everyone to ride. After Casey's complaint, the BLM employed their Special Agent from Las Vegas to investigate the alleged allegation. This agent went to my website and downloaded and copied it extensively. Their case was largely built from my webpages.

I of course believe strongly in "Open Source" rides, where people are free to go to my website and download information. But I now realize that all this open information can be manipulated in ways that are detrimental to me.

August 2016, Just completed the California Adventure Trail. Routes are all complete and now I am looking for Test Riders to help refine the routes.

I just completed making rider booklets and rider packets for the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Trail. My goal here is to make rides like these very easy for riders to do themselves. Self lead rides. So that includes custom gps chips to make navigation easy and ride information booklets and maps to make figuring out the ride easy too: Spent a ton of hours putting all this stuff together.