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gpsKevin Ride Library

A personal collection of fantastic motorcycle adventures

Below you will a spectacular collection of rides that I have develop and personally ridden. I believe in an open sharing world so I have posted these rides so that others can get the information necessary to ride them for free or you can now buy a custom microSD card for your Garmin gps for each ride. Help me to continue to improve these adventures by leaving comments and updates on the ride pages as your own adventure unfolds.

gpsKevin Ride Collection

New Additions

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

California Adventure Trail

Moab 10 Best Dual Sport Rides

Lost Coast Adventure Trail 160

Classic Big USA Rides

Great Continental Divide Ride 2767 mile Adventure Bike Ride down the Rocky Mountains

Trans America Trail 5184 mile Dual Sport Ride Ride across the USA from Coast to Coast

Trans America Trail Long Way Down 6600 mile Dual Sport Ride Ride across the USA from Maine to CA

Trans Canada Adventure Bike Route 10,000 mile Adventure Bike Ride across Northern Canada.

TransAmerica Scooter Route 3868 mile rural adventure across the USA for any bike from New York to San Francisco

Some of my favorites

Tour of Idaho T2 - The East-West Tour of Idaho

San Diego County Adventure Maps

Nevada Lucky Explorer Rally 160

Lost Coast Adventure Trail 160

Caliente Mini Roulette

Isabella Gamble 2.0: Great Dual Sport Adventure in the Sequoia Forests

Backcountry Discovery Routes and Adventure Trails

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Trail

Utah Backcountry Discovery Trail

Washington Backcountry Discovery Trail

Baja California Discovery Trail

Oregon Backcountry Discovery Trail

New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Trail

California Adventure Trail

Nevada Backcountry Discovery Trail

Montana Backcountry Discovery Trail

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Trail

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Trail

Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Trail

Works in process

Oregon Adventure Trail