Utah Backcountry Discovery Route

Utah Backcountry Discovery Trail

With improved route options and choices

The Utah Backcountry Discovery Route, or UTBDR, is a panoramic route across the state of Utah, from Arizona to Idaho. This 871 mile, south-north route traverses mostly unpaved backroads and passes through a multitude of scenic locations including Moab, Valley of the Gods, the Abajo and La Sal Mountain Ranges, Nine Mile Canyon, and the northern Wasatch Mountains.

Navigation Made Easy

I have ridden these routes several times and I highly recommend it. I have made navigation easy for riders by developing a custom GPS chip to simply install into your Garmin gps or BMW gps unit. I have also made matching motorcycle ride maps that you can carry directly in the window of your motorcycle tank bag.

Self Guided Trail

The COBDR is designed to be a self guided adventure. Riders install a custom GPS COBDR microSD Card into their Garmin GPS unit. The routes are then displayed as the rider travels along. Navigation is made easy. Riders can choose to follow along at times or can choose among hard and easy options. Or riders can simply choose to ride off the routes and return to them later. For many, this allows them to just experience the trail without the burden of getting lost.

Do this ride yourself: Purchase GPS microSD Card, and Ride Maps for this ride.

Note: A Full Rider Packet consists of printed ride descriptions and paper ride maps and a custom GPS microSD card for your Garmin or BMW GPS unit.

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Notes: I suggest you plan and order early. Normally I ship within a week. But sometimes I run out and it can take me several weeks to get new cards and maps. And sometimes I am out riding and building new adventures so that can be hard too. I list the Option for 2 SD cards because many riders like to carry a backup card or a cheap backup gps in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Ride Details

I know many of you also enjoy dreaming about the ride and making your plans, so here is the detail, enjoy!

Description UTBDR 2017

View the ride on the Satellite Maps

OK since many of you like to study more detail about the ride, below are the ride maps.

I put these ride maps on the web page because I know a few of you love looking at the ride detail and dreaming about the ride. At first glance these maps do not look so impressive, but they are way cool. If you start zooming in, you can see the ride in incredible detail. I have spent a ton of hours sorting through the details of the ride for each day, so for those of you that enjoy this sort of thing, well enjoy!


The Blue lines are MAIN COBDR Routes

The Red lines are Hard Alternate Routes

The Green lines are Easy Alternate Routes

Black lines are Out and Backs to Gas and Towns

Ride Maps Handouts.

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