In pursuit of the best motorcycle rides in life for everyone
 Dual Sport, Adventure Bike rides and Singletrack rides, Yes and even Scooters

"Everytime you say no to a ride that is one less ride in life"

"There are a limited number of rides in life, make sure that every ride is great"
Below you will some spectacular rides that I have ridden and helped develop. I believe in an open sharing world so I have posted these rides so that others can get the information necessary to ride them for FREE.  You can study each ride, download the gps files and plan your own adventure.  I get that some riders are not good with downloading and computers and gps, so for you all, for a small fee to cover my costs, I can make you a custom chip to install into your garmin GPS so you too can enjoy the adventure.  Help me to continue to improve these adventures by leaving comments and updates on the ride pages as your own adventure unfolds.

This year we invite any qualified rider to join our motorcycle adventures, from Adventure Bikes to Dual Sport Dirt Bikes to strange adventures on Scooters.
Join us.

Yes, do it yourself rides or get together with a group of your buddies and enjoy a great adventure.
Self Guided Rides
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Includes great dirt rides
Mixed paved rides
and even street rides

Serious dirt rides
Mixed singletrack rides
Some overlap with great adventure bike rides

All paved scenic backway routes
Focus on exploring new places
Adventure Bikes work great here too
Even some slow back routes great for scooters

SUV and Jeep style adventures and exploration
Many big long distance trips
Focus on exploration not tough obstacles
Even some adventures for unmodified SUVs

Adventures for both street legal and off road only
Multi-day explorations
Family style adventures
Big deal long distance adventures

gpsKevin rides explained
gpsKevin rides are not guided tour rides.  Rather they are more like a group of buddies riding together and discovering the adventure for themselves.  Riders are given navigation (GPS) tools, connected in small riding groups and advised about the adventure.  Riders ride independently and together with your friends or new friends.  The ride navigation includes meetup points called Donuts.  Riders may ride independently and then meetup and check in with your group at the next Donut.   Rides also include "Ride Yodas."  These are expert fellow riders that help advise riders having any difficulty and may even be part of your small riding group.  These rides are unique in that riders are allowed to experience the adventure in the manner they would like.  The rides are all laid out with many suggested options.  Riders may choose more difficult  routes or more scenic routes; they may even choose shortcuts if the day or bike offers up trouble. Some rides include the lodging and even a support truck to carry gear and aid during difficult times.  
How does riding work during a gpsKevin ride?

Favorite Rides (Self Guided)
Great Continental Divide Ride 2767 mile Adventure Bike ride down the Rocky Mountains
Trans America Trail 5184 mile Dual Sport Ride ride across the USA from Coast to Coast
Baja Lucky Explorer Rally Adventure Bike ride to Cabo San Lucas 
Lost Coast Adventure Trail Northern California coast and mountains one week ride 
Grand Canyon Red Rock Vegas Scenic Adventure Bike ride around the Grand Canyon and Utah's Red Rock Canyons
Baja California Discovery Route  2 week Dual Sport and Adventure Bike ride from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas