Triple Taco Trip 22

Triple Taco Trip

Yes that is right, a 3 day, 3 Taco Stand Tour of the Southern California Deserts. Starts on Saturday morning and ends on Monday. Hope you can join us.

Ride Plan Triple Taco Trip 22

This is an adventure bike ride around southern California. We will be carrying our own overnight gear and staying in motels. This is a mostly paved ride with about 20% dirt. There are options for 100% pavement. The ride starts in Lake Elsinore and goes over the mountains to the desert and Yuma AZ. Then Day 2, we ride the desert from Yuma to Twentynine Palms. Day 3 it is south through Joshua Tree and over the mountains to Hemet.

Ride details:

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Notes: I suggest you plan and order early. Normally I ship within a week. But sometimes I run out and it can take me several weeks to get new cards and maps. And sometimes I am out riding and building new adventures so that can be hard too. I list the Option for 2 SD cards because many riders like to carry a backup card or a cheap backup gps in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

View the ride maps

OK since many of you like to study more detail about the ride, below are the ride maps.

I put these ride maps on the web page because I know a few of you love looking at the ride detail and dreaming about the ride. At first glance these maps do not look so impressive, but they are way cool. If you start zooming in, you can see the ride in incredible detail. I have spent a ton of hours sorting through the details of the ride for each day, so for those of you that enjoy this sort of thing, well enjoy!


The Blue lines are MAIN routes

The Red lines are Harder routes

The Green lines are Easy options

The Black lines are the out and back viewpoints