gpsKevin Custom Design Rides

gpsKevin Custom Designed Rides

Your ride can be the Best Ride Ever!

Are you a ride leader looking to put together a great ride for your group of buddies? Maybe I can help you.

I have ridden and collected a huge amount of gps tracks of great rides for more than 10 years now. And I ride everything from singletrack on small bikes to scenic routes on big adventure bikes. I am king at finding the best rides and building great adventures to match people's desires. I build complete ride plans along with custom gps files that allow you to do the ride yourself. I will even train you to use your gps.

If you are interested in getting my help creating a great ride, send me an email and we can begin the discussion of what your ride can be like.

Include in your email:

What is your ride vision?

What area of the country would you like to ride?

How may riding days?

What time of year would you like to do the ride? (weather is important)

How many riders are in your group?



Q: How do we start the ride planning?

A: Send me an email, with your ride ideas, and we will start a discussion about what your ride could be like. From this discussion we will either decide that I can not help you, or most likely we will form a vision of what a great ride will be for your group. Then I will begin working on your ride plan.

Q: What if I do not have any good ride ideas?

A: No problem, I can suggest many awesome rides, send me some favorite pictures of you and your buddies and I can tell a lot about what you all really like to ride.

Q: How long does this ride planning take?

A: It can take me up to a week's worth of work to make a normal ride plan. Remember I do this mostly for fun because I enjoy it. I spend a LOT of time riding, so it is best to plan several months ahead of time. Some of my repeat riding groups have me start planning a year in advance.

Q: What is included in a ride plan?

A: It depends on what you want, normally it includes: Daily printed ride maps (to take with you on your bike), custom MicroSD cards for your gps with gps files, overall ride plan document with complete ride details (including hotels, restaurants, campsites, whatever), custom waypoints for the main attractions, and backup plans.

Q: How much does this ride plan cost?

A: It depends greatly on the amount of work it takes to create the ride. This includes things like: length of the ride (number of riding days), number of ride choices, hard and easy routes, hotels, campgrounds, support truck logistics, gas stops, and much more. However, normally costs are between $100 to $200 per rider for a group of 8 riders doing a week long ride.

Q: How do I accept payment?

A: After we have decided to do a custom ride and agreed on a price, I ask for half of the money up front. Then when your ride team has finished the ride I ask that you as the ride leader collect the final money and forward it to me. If someone is not completely happy with the ride, I ask that they do not pay me and let me know what the issues were. I do this because I am completely committed to a great ride for everyone. Note: I have never had anyone not pay me, and most often riders are so happy that they include Tips with the final payment. That is some of my best feedback!

Q: How do riders find out about my rides?

A: Mostly word of mouth, some are now contacting me on the web.

Thanks, gpsKevin