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gpsKevin My History

I have been riding for more then 50 years, and have hundreds of rides under my belt. I have had a passion for creating rides seriously now for more then 15 years, I have a gps data base of all of my ride work, literally hundreds of rides. 

Now I am retired and now I can't stop making and enjoying more rides.

Grew up in a small town in Washington State. Went to college at Cornell, Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, then worked for Hewlett Packard for 30 years. Got my first motorcycle at the age of 8 years, Been riding dirt bikes for more then 50 years now. 15 years ago I tried Adventure bikes with mixed street and dirt, I liked it and bought my first BMW. But then I tried street too (said I would never do street), bought a Yamaha FJR1300; wow, sport touring is cool too. I like it all. I guess I just like all motorcycles.

More then 15 years ago, I really got into GPS to create great motorcycle rides. Now it is an obsession for me. I really love creating great motorcycle adventures. Now I'm based in San Diego: I have ridden many of the great southwestern USA rides and beyond: The Trans Canada Trail, TransAmerica Trail, Continental Divide Ride, Alaska, the Arctic, British Columbia, Baja Mexico and much more. This is my base for riding all year round: winter is Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada; summer is Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado and beyond, all the way to the Arctic last year... Gotta ride!

The best way to contact us is by email or you can leave a message on the phone voice mail.  As we are often out adventuring, it can sometimes take several days before we can get your message and respond, but we try to reply to everyone.

Because we give so much ride info out for free, we now have lots of riders wishing to contact us with questions and ideas.  While we love to chat and hear from people, the number of questions can sometimes be beyond what time is available.  So we try hard to answer most all questions in the FAQ section.  Please start there. You might be  surprised at how much good info and help you can find there because every time we get a good, new question, we try to put the answer there.

While I try to make the GPS rides easy to use and navigate, there are still a few people that cannot seem to use their GPS unit at all.  Some have a phobia to any technology.  As most of these rides are open source and given out for free or a chip made for very little money, I cannot really afford to spend time helping people learn to use their GPS unit or talk about how best to do these rides.  However, I realize that there are some people that would like to get my insights about some issues or help with some rides.

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