Support Truck Volunteer

Are you interested in helping on a ride. Maybe driving the support vehicle? and supporting the riders

Support Vehicle Role

Help riders in need of any support

Transport broken bikes and riders to the next motel

Transport the riders personal bags each day to the next motel

Carry a cell phone in order to contact riders

Carry tools and misc bike support gear in order to facilitate repair

Support Driver Duties

Drive the truck and meetup with riders at strategic meetup points

Pack the truck each morning/evening

Stock the cooler, replace the snacks each day

Help with bike repair or any rider needs.

Friends and Family

First choice for the drivers go to friends and family members on the ride.

Often times there may be an older friend or father or prior rider that is no longer riding but wants to stay involved.

We love having and supporting friends in this role of support driver.

Volunteer your vehicle

Often times there are reasons that drivers may want to volunteer their own vehicles. These reason are many but often it may be because the vehicle is already there or making part or all of the trip.

Depending on the ride, we are happy to pay for your vehicle fuel and a daily fee for the use of the vehicle.

Typically this would be like $45 day depending on locations and conditions.


Depending on the ride, in return for the duties of support driver volunteer we are happy to pay for your motels along the trip. Also happy to share a portion of any ride profits.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact: gpsKevin

Support Truck Volunteer