Ok, I cannot tell you how excited I was to get this bike. Could not get them in California right away so I drove to Arizona and bought one. BMW was way expensive but I decided this would be the first dirt bike that I would pay over $10,000 for. Wow! should be great.

Picture at home in my garage, so happy

Things started off bad. In the middle of riding the bike, it would just quit. Then it would start again. Several trips it did this and we had no clue why. BMW and their big time warranty could not help me. They did not know, because it would just run for them. BTW first bike in my life that ever went into a dealer. Finally in Isabella, it did it again several miles out on the trail and would not start. Less than 4 months old at this time. Luckily by working myself, I managed to wiggle some connectors and get it to work and then not work again. So, problem found and BMW wanted to replace the whole wire harness. Instead, I did not let them and fixed the connector myself. I just felt that I did not want some idiot mechanic tearing into all the wiring so fixed it myself.

Riding in Spangler Hills I did my first crash on the bike.,Not sure what happened, but no damage, all is good.

Projects: Pics from the G450X

News: My Friend Bill just got a new BMW G450X also. We will both be taking them on the biggest ride of the year. The Roulette. Sweet, a week's ride around Utah.

News: Day 2: My BMW put me down hard in a sand wash today. The funny thing is I almost never go down and when I do go down, I know what happened. This time I never saw it coming and I was down hard and don't understand WHY. And this is not my first rodeo. Go Figure!

Roulette Day 5 Failure on Bill's BMW

Bill Comments on his broken BMW

Jeff and Brian comment on the BMW being towed

Roulette ended with Bill having to ride his backup old KTM 450. At least he had a bike to ride.

A couple of months later, I crashed again on the bike. Something is very strange about the geometry and the way BMW has put this bike together. It can feel great and then it is instantly out from under you. I have now been down 3 times and I cannot tell you why. And I cannot figure out how to fix the issue. And, BTW, I almost never fall. So I have to ask myself, How is this story going to end? Am I going to get hurt and then get rid of the bike or am I going to get rid of the bike before I get hurt?

Answer: BMW G450X, three strikes and you are out

Wow, way bad, so I sold the bike. Took 6 mouths to get rid of it and I sold it for $4,500. Wow, owned the bike for less than a year and lost over $5,500 on it. That is bad.

Later: I understand that BMW quit selling the bike after only one year too!

For me, BMW, this is strike two.