BMW F 650GS Dakar

This was my first BMW, Thought I would give this adventure bike stuff a try. You know it looked comfortable and capable. And the Dakar design and the BMW name, it would surely be great!


But I soon found out it was not very good off road. Compared to all the Honda XL600s that I had owned, it was heavy and terrible off road. Ok but on road was it good? Well, no it was smooth but it is a dog. It is so underpowered that even at 60mph it was sad.

OK so after only 6 months it had to go. Here are the pics from when I sold it.

My first BMW was a big disappointment!

The Honda XL650 is superior in every way.

The Suzuki DR650 is superior in every way.

Even Kawasaki KLR650 is really a better bike.