gpsKevin Adventure Rides Inc Shipping Information:

Current Status:   We are in the office and can ship your order most often the next day.  We ship standard US Postal Service mail. 

Normal Shipping:  We ship via US Postal Service. Normally it takes less then a week to receive your package in the domestic US.  However, the post office seems to delay a number of our shipments and then we find that they arrive within 2 weeks.

Rush Shipping: Often times we can help by overnight Fedex. This requires us to make a special trip to the FedEx office and pay extra fees.  The cost for this service varies basedo on location.  If you would like us to to do this you will need to check with us by sending us an email to verify we are able to meet you request.  Send your email to:  If we can help, we will return your email with instructions.

International shipping:  We ship via US Postal Service. Normally it takes no more than two weeks to receive your package.  However, the post office seems to delay shipments on occasion and then we find that they arrive within 3 weeks.

Shipments to Canada:  Most go well, however sometimes the mail service experiences long delays.  This is especially true it the address is misspelled or the postal code is incorrect, so please verify correct punctuation in your address and postal code before completing your order.

About:  gpsKevin Adventure Rides is focused on creating great rides and enjoying ourselves.  As a side line we create and sell ride packets to help others enjoy their adventures.  We are not a large company with a staff of employees, we do this ourselves.  Shipping is not our first priority, so sometimes there are delays if we are out enjoying ourselves.  As our rides have become popular, we encourage you to plan way ahead and order early and test your items long before your adventure starts.


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