Self Guided Adventures

Self-Guided Rides are my past rides packaged for you to have your own adventurous ride with less planning. It includes a custom ride map SD card with the route and a ride packet with daily paper maps and motel and restaurant recommendations

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Self Guided Rides FAQs

Adventure Motorcycle Rides

Great Dirt Rides 

Mixed Paved Rides

Street Rides

With rides in California, Utah, Wyoming, Kentucky, Canada, Mexico, Crossing the United States, and many more

Dual Sport Motorcycle Rides

Serious dirt rides

Mixed singletrack rides

Some overlap with great adventure bike rides

With rides in Colorado, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, Canada, Mexico, Crossing the United States, and many more

Street Bike Rides

All paved scenic backway routes, with focus on exploring new places 

Adventure Bikes work great here too 

Even some slow back routes great for scooters and small engine motorcycles

With rides in Mexico, Crossing the Untied States, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and many more

Overland Adventures

SUV and Jeep style adventures and exploration

Many big long distance trips

Focus on exploration not tough obstacles

Even some adventures for unmodified SUVs

With rides in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, Canada, Mexico, Crossing the United States, and many more

Side by Side Adventures

Adventures for both street legal and off road only

Multi-day explorations

Family style adventures

Big deal long distance adventures

With adventures in Arizona, Utah, and Baja

Lets get together and go on an adventure

Many of my past adventures I have made available for riders to do on their own.  Riders can view and study all the details of the ride, make their own ride arrangements and purchase ride maps and GPS directly from this website.

These ride packages are awesome in that you may experience some of these great rides with your buddies with very little planning work yourself and these are already proven great adventures.

Above you will find a collection of many of the fantastic adventures that I have created and/or ridden over the last many years.

These ride are given here so that you all may enjoy great adventures yourself and you may add and contribute to great adventures for everyone

The trick is to find an adventure here that fits your desires and abilities then to just go do it yourself.

It is not as tough as the world would have you think.  Even a beginning planner can have a wonderful time here. 

About these rides

Each ride has an embedded full description, Google ride map and an easy do it yourself ride packet for purchase.

Above is a collection of many of my adventures for anyone to enjoy: gpsKevin

Some Favorite Rides

Trans America Trail TAT

The Great American Route

Continental Divide Ride

Bucket List Ride

Custom Motorcycle Route 66

Old route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California

Baja Lucky Explorer Rally

San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back

 Arizona Peace Trail  

5 Day Side by Side or Dual Sport adventure around the famous Peace Trail

Grand Canyon Red Rock Vegas

Explore the Best of the Southwestern USA