Universal Ride Ratings

Ride Rating Icons

I design Rides and Adventures to suit many types of bikes and many types of riders. I love it all! It is often hard to communicate what the ride or adventure will be like. So below is "Quick Reference" attempt to help you understand what type of bike is best for the ride and how difficult the ride will be. Be sure to read each ride description to understand the full intent of the ride. They are all very different.


Scenic Ride: Mostly relaxed riding. Almost any bike will do. 230's: OK, 250's-450's-530's are Great, 650's-690's: Great also. 800's-1200's are good too.

Dual Sport Easy: Ride will be mostly good dirt. Best bikes: 250-450-530's. OK Bikes: 230 and 650-690's.

Dual Sport Mixed: Mostly good dirt some tougher spots. Best bikes: 250-450-530's. OK Bikes: 230 and 650-690's. Big Adventure bike not advised

Dual Sport Hard: Ride can be long and hard, there will be challenging spots. Best bikes: 250-450-530's. OK Bikes: 230s

Adventure Ride Tough: Possible tough dirt sections and long distances. Best bikes: 650-1190s, OK bikes 450-530's outfitted to carry gear. Big Adventure Ok only with expert riders.

Adventure Bike Scenic: Pavement and mostly good dirt roads. Some short challenging spots. Best bikes: 650s-800s-1200's. OK bikes DRZ400s-450s-530s, outfitted for distance. Not Recommended: 230s

Adventure bike 2UP: Scenic ride good for riding together. Mostly paved roads, some good dirt roads. Best Bikes: from the KLR650 to 1200s. Some Street bikes work OK here. Not Recommended: smaller then 650s

Camping Adventure Ride: Ride can include some tougher sections: See the ride description. Best bikes are: 650's through 1200s outfitted with saddlebag to carry the camping gear. I have seen some DRZ400 and 450 KTM work ok when carefully outfitted. Not recommended: Converted Dirt Bikes.

Scooters: Not sure what this is yet, but it could be fun too!