Take a motorcycle adventure in Mexico!

Everytime we say no to a ride that is one less ride in life.

Everything I learned about Mexico, all my life, was wrong!

Sad right? gpsKevin

Ok, I have now done several motorcycle adventure in both Baja and now mainland Mexico and I am super enthused about the people I have met and the adventures I have discovered. Yes, mainland Mexico is as great as Baja.

I remember growing up and being taught that the people of Mexico were poor and they cheat and steal. Then I learned that they do drugs and kill each other. It's not safe. Those early years shaped the way I thought about Mexico.  Then, as an adult, I encountered the news media and the immigration debate which furthered my negative thoughts about the country and people. 

 I now realize that I had a single story about Mexico. I had to learn that from this young woman from Nigeria.  Watch this 18 minute TED video. Yes, really, sit down, relax and watch.  And see how it changes the way you think.

 Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.

I started studying and leading rides in Baja several years ago and decided that I would always invite native Mexicans on my rides just in case something went wrong. They could also help us avoid trouble before it happened by seeing it coming.  But what happened is that nothing went wrong and we just enjoyed the Mexicans so much for the richness and color that they added to the rides.  Then it happened: we became good friends.  I started to develop not a single story about Mexico but now, I have many stories. 

Please enjoy below, these are my stories from Mexico.  It is time you started adding stories to your own collection.

Mixteco  Reivew

Mixteco Double Knot

Baja Lucky Explorer Rally

Mixteco Double Knot 

Baja Adventure Bike

Missy doing a Baja Water Crossing

Huajuapan De Leon Oaxaca

Baja 2017

Baja California

I invite you to join us and take an adventure in Mexico

  There are spectacular adventures and they are close to the USA and often, a bargain.

You can join us for a gpsKevin ride or I highly recommend these great Mexican adventure companies


Q: How can I join a gpsKevin ride in Mexico?

A: I will try to do a couple of rides in Baja and mainland Mexico each year. Add your name to this Mexico Invite list and I will send you an invite when ride plans are complete.

Q: Is it safe now in Mexico?

A: Yes, just like any other country and the USA, you avoid going to the bad places and you will enjoy.  Stay away from the south side of Chicago. Same thing.

Q: Is Mexico City an ok place to go?

A: Yes it is great!  I get why thousands of Americans live in Mexico City. The place is fantastic!  And just like any US big city it can be crowded and overwhelming.  But it can be a great place to start a motorcycle adventure too.