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The Story of Roulette Rides

Roulette rides are a passion for me. Roulette is my ride name, because it is a kind of gamble. The ride could be anything. In the early 2000's I started the ride with the desire to discover new places and great rides. I had the feeling that all the great rides were being closed down. I would soon learn that while ride areas are being closed, it is a very rich world and there are more great rides then I can ever ride. So the quest began, lets discover the best rides and "do it all". So each year the Roulette is only about discovering new great places and rides. Each year the ride is all new, and it is a gamble, sometimes it does not work, and riders are left to their own accord to figure it out. But most of the time it is spectacular. Incredible new places to experience. I now have a long time following of great riders who enjoy the experience each year, so some wish that we could repete some of the great trails that we have discovered, but that is not for the Roulette. Greats Ride are for those who have not ridden them before, but for the Roulette team, the great places are yet to discover. So that is the spirit of the Roulette, its an experience and adventure, that holds a bit of a gamble.

This Video of the 2012 Washington "Dark Divide" ride is just a typical year. Sit back and Enjoy the story of Roulette.

Wow what Fun!

Note: Each year I spent my winters studying and dreaming (I don't watch TV anymore) rides. I study: ride stories, ride maps, Topo maps, Satellite Images, Google Earth, local ride maps, and anything I can find. Then I start to build what my dream will be for Roulette. And BTW winters aren't very long in Southern California. Next year my eyes are on the Mountains in Central California near Tahoe.

Signed: gpsKevin

Roulette is by invitation only. How do you get an invitation?

Several ways:

If you have been on a Roulette before, you are invited you will get an email.

If you know gpsKevin you can request an invitation below

If you are friends with someone that has been on a Roulette you can ask them to request an invitation on your behalf

You can attend one of my other upcoming rides and discuss the Roulette with me personally during the ride

Lastly you can fill out the request form below and I will consider adding qualified rider based on space availability.

Sorry this is my way of continuing to get only great riders. It is a great group of riders

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