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The flagship of the best of BMW

Here is my first review of the bike:

BMW HP2 The motorcycle to reset the adventure attitude:

My new BMW HP2, Ocotillo Wells Pumpkin Patch (First ride November 2005)

First Failure: Swing arm broke, Really? I have not even ridden it hard yet

HP2 at the Grand Canyon (Bar10 Ranch 2006)

Stuck in the mud on the Great Divide Ride (Somewhere in New Mexico 2006)

I needed more range, so I built an additional fuel tank under the seat. Check out the photos below:

The tank fits under the seat and adds a little more than 2 gallons additional. It fits between the frame rails and being black, it is hardly noticeable. There is an additional fuel pump that pumps fuel during fill up from the main tank to the additional tank. The fuel pump is reversible with a toggle switch and pumps the additional fuel back to the main tank when low.

Pictures below are from the prototyping process.

The final tank is made from 0.040" galvanized steel. Steel was chosen because it can be made much thinner than aluminum and will survive the years of fatigue much better. The weight ends up very close to aluminum, which is only about 5lbs.

As I have been using the tank now, the bike now goes more then 215 miles and fill up is as much as 5.3 gallons for the system. I now have about 5000 miles of rough use on it and it has been great. See the Great Divide Ride page for my fun testing program.

I recommend you make one yourself. Full Pics from Making the Fuel Tank

I also added a windshield, GPS, and bags, for longer adventures.

Took it on the Continental Divide Ride and someone bet me that I could not do a wheelie or they would buy me pie.

Yes, I got the pie that day

TBD: Insert the failures here

If you are interested in buying my HP2 you can send me an email and we can discuss a price. I am open to offers. See the video of the bike and you can view the pictures below.

Info on the 2006 BMW HP2 Enduro

Complete detailed pictures of the bike: HP2 web album

Sale Price: Depends on when you want to buy it.

  • 2014 Price $31000

  • 2015 Price $32000

  • 2016 Price $33000

  • 2017 Price $34000

  • 2018 Price $35000

  • 2019 Price $36000

  • 2020 Price $37000

  • 2021 Price $38000

  • 2022 Price $39000

  • 2023 Price $40000

  • 2024 available on Ebay auction, whatever we can get! Won't that be fun?

Fun Stuff:

BMW HP2 ENDURO: Best in Show

If you are interested in buying this bike before 2024, contact me.