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Come along with us and our friends on our Upcoming Rides for Adventure Bikes, Dual Sport Bikes, Scooters, Side by Sides, and Off-road Vehicles  or order our Self Guided ride packages and ride our routes with your friends.

Join us for a ride.  We plan the route, provide an SD card for your GPS with custom map of the route and book the rooms; you bring yourself, your bike, and your sense of adventure. 

These rides are a large group that splits off into smaller "groups of riding buddies" or individuals. There are designated meeting spots, "donuts," for everyone to meetup and check in with each other.

Each ride has one or more Ride Yodas, expert riders who can provide advice on the ride. 

Routes include scenic and difficult trails.  You choose your difficulty for the day.  


We have rides for Adventure Bikes, Dual Sport Bikes, Scooters, Side by Sides, Off-road Vehicles and now tuk-tuks, and personal watercrafts.

SOCAL Mountain Explorer 

 Adventure Bike style ride looping around the mountains of Southern California

April 27 - 28


Adventure Bike backroad loop around Pennsylvania 

May 5 -10

Arizona Ghost Mountains

Side by Side and Off-road Adventure of the mountains and deserts of Arizona

May 4 - 7


Adventure Bike ride exploring Texas

Sept 21-29

I've taken my past rides I've created and ridden and created a self guided ride for you to have an adventure with minimal planning on your part. The self guided ride packets include:

We have routes for Adventure Bikes, Dual Sport Bikes, Street Bikes, Side by Sides, and Off-road Vehicles

Adventure Bike Rides

Routes for Adventure Bikes, pavement and nice dirt roads

Side by Side Rides

Routes for non street legal off road vehicles

Dual Sport Rides

Routes for dual sport bikes with mix of pavement, dirt roads with options of tough trails and single track

Overlanding Rides

Routes for street legal 4 wheel drive vehicles

A Few of Our Self Guided Favorites

Utah Forest 

6 days of Dual Sport riding exploring the mountains of central Utah

7 Days of Baja del Norte 

Ride on the beach, through the mountains, deserts and cactus forests of Baja California

Moab's Best 

Best of Moab, tracks for Dual Sports or Adventure Bikes


A week long scenic adventure bike ride through the best national park

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gpsKevin rides explained

gpsKevin rides are not guided tour rides.  Rather they are more like a group of buddies riding together and discovering the adventure for themselves.  Riders are given navigation (GPS) tools, connected in small riding groups and advised about the adventure.  Riders ride independently and together with your friends or new friends.  The ride navigation includes meetup points called Donuts.  Riders may ride independently and then meetup and check in with your group at the next Donut.   Rides also include "Ride Yodas."  These are expert fellow riders that help advise riders having any difficulty and may even be part of your small riding group.  These rides are unique in that riders are allowed to experience the adventure in the manner they would like.  The rides are all laid out with many suggested options.  Riders may choose more difficult  routes or more scenic routes; they may even choose shortcuts if the day or bike offers up trouble. Some rides include the lodging and even a support truck to carry gear and aid during difficult times.  Please NOTEWe do NOT rent motorcycles.

"There are a limited number of rides in life, make sure that every ride is great"

Below you will some spectacular rides that I have ridden and helped develop. I believe in an open sharing world so I have posted these rides so that others can get the information necessary to ride them.  You can study each ride, Purchase the gps chip and plan your own adventure.  I get that some riders are not good with downloading and computers and gps, so for you all, for a small fee to cover my costs, I can make you a custom chip to install into your garmin GPS so you too can enjoy the adventure.  Help me to continue to improve these adventures by leaving comments and updates on the ride pages as your own adventure unfolds.

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