If you are going motorcycling in Moab you should ride only the best!

We have put together the best collection of motorcycle rides in all of Moab. Yes, of all time. I have been riding in Moab since 1981 and still love every moment of it. For those of you that know me you also understand that I have an out of control passion for developing new rides while preserving the great old stuff too. I am happy to offer up the greatest rides of all time. And yes, now in a GPS form that allows everyone to enjoy the adventure without having to find their way. So please, enjoy these adventures yourself. gpsKevin

10 Best Dual Sport Rides & 10 Best Adventure Bike Rides

These ride have just been updated (big time!) for 2021

There rides can now be purchased to fit your Garmin GPS unit on a micro SD Card.

The rides sets come with large matching paper maps and a matching booklet with ride descriptions.

Self Guided Trails

These rides are designed to be a self guided adventure. Riders install a custom GPS microSD card into their Garmin GPS unit. The routes are then displayed as the rider travels along. Navigation is made easy. Riders can choose to follow along at times or can choose among hard and easy options. Or riders can simply choose to ride off the routes and return to them later. For many, this allows them to just experience the trail without the burden of getting lost.

What Can I Buy?

Riders can purchase any individual ride on a custom microSD card with handout map for $20 each. Multiple rides can be combined on a single microSD card.

Or you can purchase all 10 Dual Sport rides on one microSD card and a ride booklet and handout maps for $99.

Or you can purchase all 10 Adventure Bike rides on one microSD card and a ride booklet and handout maps for $99.

Or you can Purchase the Super Set: all 20 rides on one microSD card and 2 ride booklets with handout maps for $159.

Below are ride maps and descriptions for each ride. Riders can review them and purchase below, individually or as complete sets

10 Best Dual Sport Rides

Moab 10 Best Dual Sport Rides

10 Best Adventure Bike Rides

Moab 10 Best Adventure Bike Rides

Ride Options

Our rides contain ride choices in the form of different colored routes. We understand that riders may want or need choices as the day unfolds. The main intended route is the bold arrowed Blue Line. Riders having a tough day or just plain wanting a more relaxed ride can choose Green Routes and finally, riders with extra energy will have the option of some tougher or longer Red Routes. Options make these rides more enjoyable for everyone.

What is the difference between Dual Sport and Adventure Bike rides?

Normally, it would be that Adventure Bike rides are a little less dirt oriented and tend to be longer and faster. Dual Sport tends to be rougher and mostly dirt and tougher stuff. However, in Moab, many of there rides work great no matter which bike you are riding. This is in part due to our approach of offering hard and easy options on each of our rides so that riders can choose their own options. Yes, to be safe, one should get both ride packets because there are many rides in each packet that everyone wants to do.

Self Guided Adventure: These Moab rides are designed to be a self-guided adventure. As GPS units have become both more powerful and easier to use, it has enabled anyone to be able to easily find their way along the trail. For many, this allows them to just experience the American trail without the burden of getting lost.

Buy the GPS Card and Rider Maps:

You can order these rides on a microSD Card for your Garmin GPS along with a complete set of large maps and a ride description booklet designed to work in combination with the microSD card. See the choices below:

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Notes: I suggest you plan and order early. Normally I ship within a week. But sometimes I run out and it can take me several weeks to get new cards and maps. And sometimes I am out riding and building new adventures so that can be hard too. I list the Option for 2 SD cards because many riders like to carry a backup card or a cheap backup GPS in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

More About these rides

These rides include ride Donuts. Ride Donuts are riders meetup locations that allow riders to ride independently or apart from each other and then connect at strategic locations throughout the ride. These appear on your GPS as large Double Circles and are places to check in with your buddies or team and ensure that things are alright before getting to far apart to find each other. This can really improve the harmony of riding together. See the 90 second video: How does riding work during a gpsKevin ride?


Q: Can I use this card with my phone or other GPS which is not a Garmin

A: No, sorry the microSD card and GPS image files only work on Garmin GPS units

Q: Is there a universal GPX file included on the microSD card?

A: No the card contains an image file that will only work in a Garmin GPS unit. It cannot be used on a computer or other devices

Q: What level rider do I need to be to enjoy Moab?

A: Moab is not for new riders, you should be at least an intermediate level rider.

Q: Do the rides come with difficulty ratings?

No: The reason for this is that each ride has hard and easy choices that make a big difference in the rating


Any and all riding is on you own

Conditions change and routes may not be navigable

Legal access can change and is not guaranteed. Riders must assess the local conditions.

Weather can make the routes impassable.

Riders must obey all local laws

gpsKevin assumes no liability for these rides or your actions.