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Cell phones have a lot of issues and clearly a Garmin GPS unit is still the best way to Navigate the trail, however we get that many people love their Cell Phone and would like to have the TAT on their phone. Yes it is possible to install the same great TAT on your phone. It is now possible to download the GPS for the Trans America Trail to your Cell phone and then use your phone to Navigate the entire trail. Often times along the trail your phone will not have cell service, however it will always have gps service. So it is necessary to install a custom APP and the Trans America Trail GPS file on your phone.

You will need to buy and install Oruxmaps on your Android device and then you can download and install the TAT GPS file below.

Note: As we are not Cell Phone experts we cannot offer any Tech Support. If you try this on your phone and it does not work, you are out of luck and on your own. As the download is an electronic file there is no possibility of returns. Frankly there are simply too many different kinds of phones and our low price does not afford the ability to offer any tech support. If you are looking for a proven and reliable Navigation we recommend you use a Garmin GPS with our custom Micro SD card installed. That works awesome.

Directions: To install with Oruxmaps

How to use gpsKevin Files on Cell Phones

Download the GPS file to your cell phone:

Be sure you have read the direction above and want to do this on your own. Then proceed to the payment.

Note: After you complete your payment, Select "Return to Merchant" Button to be directed to the download link.

TAT Phone GPS Download ($19.00)


Q: What type of file will I get with the Download?

A: The download file format is a .IMG file

Q: Can I use Oruxmaps with my iPhone?

A: Sorry Oruxmaps is Android Only

Feedback: We are interested in hearing about your experience with the TAT gps on you phone. Tell us how it worked for you?

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