Trans America Trail Compairson

Confused about which Trans America Trail to take? And maybe what to do?

    • Do I take the Original Trans America trail from Trans Sam or gpsKevin or do I take the current some updated trail?

    • Do I start in Oregon or New York or Los Angeles or the North Carolina outer banks or even Tennessee?

    • Do I go Coast to Coast, or just ride from Tennessee or some part of it?

    • Which direction do I ride, to the west or to the east?

    • Do I take the Trans Sams latest update and wander about Idaho?

All good questions, I have put together a map below with all the known option for the TAT

But read the Direction first:

There are 5 line types on the map that all are different routes.

  • The main gpsKevin Route is the bold BLUE Line

  • The old Trans Sam Route is the thin MAGENTA line

  • The current Trans Sam Route is the thin Grayish Green (DARK CYAN) line

  • The easy options are the bold GREEN lines

  • The Hard options are the bold RED links

To expand the map click on the box in the corner of the map. Then use your mouse to pan and zoom in close to where you want to study.

Note: This map is based on full resolution Data from Trans Sam and gpsKevin. I have provided this map so the you all may study the options in the most detail that you like.

There is no one right answer on which is the best Trans America trail or what are the best options. It of course depends on who you are and what you ride. I of course have made the route that I believe is the best and have provided many awesome alternatives for when the going gets tough or the Tough want to get more going. (Blue, Green and Red), but that is just my opinion. And I am sure that Trans Sam would say that his routes are best. There is no right answer here, Frankly both are good.

If you decide that you would like to ride Sams Routes and would like old fashioned roll charts and maps or even gdb tracklogs I recommend you buy them from Trans Sam website: Trans-Sam-Trail

For those of you that want it all I have I have made a custom GPS microsd card that includes all the option. Yes just like the map above. No hassle with figuring out tracklogs, you can just put this GPS card into your gps and all the option will show up as in the map above. You ride and decide which route you like.

1 Complete GPS chip with all routes $65

2 Complete GPS chip with all routes $85

1 Complete GPS Chip with 1 gpsKevin Ride maps $118

2 Complete GPS Chip with 1 gpsKevin Ride maps $118

International Shipping $15

Video on how gpsKevin ride maps work. Custom Ride Maps SD Card Example